Jeanologia marks the future of a waterless Indian textile industry using air garment finishing

Photo - Jeanologia

Jeanologia, a leading Spanish company in the development of eco-efficient technologies, will showcase its new breakthrough in ozone technology for garment finishing at DenimandJeans on April 26-27, marking the future of a waterless, more competitive, sustainable, and efficient Indian textile industry.

During the show, the company will demonstrate how to completely eliminate water, chemicals, and pumice stones to age garments naturally through Atmos, a revolutionary process that uses air from the atmosphere to achieve an authentic vintage look.

According to Manuj Kanchan, Asia Area Manager at Jeanologia, “This is a new milestone in the textile industry reinforcing our commitment to position the Indian textile industry as a benchmark, making it possible to age garments naturally with a circular, zero-discharge process”.

“It’s just another step in our MissionZero move to a more efficient, competitive, and zero-discharge Indian textile industry” – he added.

India ushers in the Air Age in the textile industry

With this new development from Jeanologia, the Indian textile industry is moving into the age of air, putting an end to water wastage and boosting its efficiency and productivity with optimum cost-per-garment.

INDRA and G2 technology will make it possible to replace traditional water washers with air washers to achieve an authentic vintage look in a sustainable way while reducing costs.

Thanks to the patented INDRA system developed by Jeanologia, it is possible to have precise control of the atmosphere and achieve the same effects that were previously only possible with water, chemicals, and pumice. The famous Stone wash is now called Atmos (Atmosphere wash).

A 100% sustainable, efficient, and competitive Indian textile industry

With the integration of its technologies in Laundry5.Zero plants, Jeanologia has been redefining garment finishing in India since 2004 through 100% sustainable, efficient and competitive production models.

Laundry5.Zero effectively links Jeanologia’s laser technologies, G2 ozone, e-flow, Smart Boxes and H2Zero water recycling system to guarantee 85% water savings, as well as zero-discharge and zero-pollution.

These eco-efficient production plants, in place throughout the country, are cost-neutral, reduce time and costs, and simplify processes. In addition, they allow scalable, agile, digital production without compromising product authenticity, adapting to new market trends.

Manuj Kanchan will talk about this in detail in the panel “Why the fashion retail supply chain needs tech integration & the challenges associated with it”, that will take place at Denimandjeans on April 26th at 16:00.

Jeanologia in India

Jeanologia has been present in India since 2004, fostering change in the jean industry through direct investment in the country. Currently, upwards of 80% of the market for sustainable technologies for garment finishing in India bears the stamp of the Spanish company.

The firm has major projects for exporting companies, domestic producers and brands such as Killer Jeans, Número Uno, Shahi, Arvind, Everblue (Raymonds), KG Denim, FFI, Shell Apparels, Orient Craft, Anish India, Anupam, and Modern Dyeingor Globewash, among many others.

Jeanologia India also has an experienced, dynamic team of technical specialists to directly serve the needs of its customers.


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