MS Printing Solutions & JK Group @ ITMA 2023 are back to the future

MS Printing Solutions
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Witness all our innovative drive embodied in our machines and inks, together with all our hard work in action

If you think that digital printing is an opportunity for growth and improvement, join us and discover what we have in store for you (8 – 14 June 2023 – Milan, Rho – Hall 7, Booth D206)

As per now, here a sneak peek: The Future of Pigment

the culmination of our R&D team’s great effort. A whole, unique system that changes the approach to pigment printing, enabling us to reduce the CO2 emissions and the water consumption of the entire process, thanks to integrated innovative solutions, to halve printing process steps with a chemistry that doesn’t require pre- and post-treatment and to perfectly manage and reproduce color charts with an increasing in color yield up to 20%.

What is this solution made up of?

• A completely reengineered JP7, a digital scanning printing machine designed to print pigment with the goal to radically reduce water and energy consumption thanks to new, integrated innovative Tech solutions.

• A new dryer designed ad-hoc for this system. Capable of drying and polymerizing on the fly; it guarantees perfect use conditions, the best achievable control, and reduction of CO2 emissions during the entire process, thanks to the reduction of space needed for the manufacturing line in the plant.

• Digistar Pigment 4K, JK Group newest ink, to the point where it is patent-pending, that doesn’t require pre- and post-treatment, specifically designed for this system, where it reduces the digital printing process steps by 50%, the water consumption by 100% and the energy consumption noticeably.

• System Plus Software, the new management software that integrates calibration, printing software and ink for a perfect color management, thus guaranteeing a color yield up to 20% higher, while improving efficiency.

Back to the future with an eye on our R&D

• The goal of The New Era of Single Pass is to design a new generation of single-pass machines. This is precisely what is going to happen. A genius combination that unites the versatility and size of a scanning machine with the rapidity (75 m/min), immediacy, and printing automation of a single-pass machine. A true revolution of the single pass concept, designed with a focus on sustainability, because of the reduction of the needed space. Moreover, you will have the chance to have a preview of the new AI system we are developing to exponentially increase the print quality output.

• Take A Step into R&D with a real concept machine, a revolution of our historical JP4, equipped with all the new and innovative solutions we are going to introduce in the next future (those you can have a look at in our R&D corner). Starting from new electronics, new printheads, continuing with a new power system, a new system qualitatively analyzing in-line prints, and finishing with… much more.

• MS Heritage, MiniLario, has been the first scanning machine with 64 printheads. The true revolution of ITMA 2019 has now become our heritage, with more than 20 installed and working machines. Its stability and precision while printing, thanks to printing carriage positioning, has been revised and improved to offer even more reliability and to exploit its rapidity, which is one of the highest up to today. MiniLario will print Digistar Reactive BIB, branded JK: Our BIB (Bag-in-Box) provides ever-increasing sustainable advantages and environment respect, while maintaining the usual top-quality of our inks, today as when it was first born.


• A new organizational model, with improvement as its heart. The goal is to reach, in a short time, an extended global footprint, upgraded operational efficiencies and a faster business exchange. The result is a highly scalable model, capable of quickly extending production according to peaks in demand and seasonality, thus simplifying supply chain stewardship.

• A new range of services, as our Maintenance Program, that revolutionized our Service department and the way it operates by reducing costs, boosting productivity and assuring machines’ top performances.

• New dryers portfolio, not only have they been designed for the new pigment system but are also going to accompany each one of our machines. Modularity allows curing and drying all in one, reducing costs and the needed space, thus acting on the CO2 emission.

• The ever-more performing ink series, with waveforms dedicated to MS machines assuring the best control of ink drops – thus high-quality printing results.

This and so much more awaits you. There wouldn’t be enough space to explain all what is new, so we invite you to join us in our booth and to witness our demo sessions, find out the scheduling on our social media or download it by scanning the QR code at the top of this announcement.


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