CONTRADICTION – Intertextile Apparel reveals Directions trends for Autumn / Winter 2024-25

Photo - Messefrankfurt

The Intertextile Directions Trend Committee is comprised of four well-known creative trend forecasters, namely Sachiko Inoue (Tokyo, Japan), NellyRodi™ Agency (Paris, France), DONEGER | TOBE (New York, USA) and Elementi Moda (Milan, Italy). This edition’s Trend Forum is led by NellyRodi™, with the Trend Guide designed by Sachiko Inoue. Each sourcing season, the Committee combines their geographical expertise and international influence to tell thematic stories of the upcoming apparel fabric trends.

CONTRADICTION examines how to utilise grounded values and new influences to explore the coexistence of terms such as dreams and reality; tangible and virtual; and yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The theme will come to life at the fair’s Trend Forum in the International Hall (Hall 5.1), to which exhibitors can submit their on-trend fabrics in advance. Selected samples will be featured and labelled, providing centralised sourcing inspiration for buyers who can afterwards connect with contributing exhibitors.

View the full Trend Guide here.


In a universe steeped in sophistication, luxury and comfort, take a step back into silent simplicity and rationality. Choose purity, discover the raw and real beauty of the untouched, and enjoy the accompanying calmness and serenity.

A neutral, natural tone of raw purity and understated elegance allows a strong focus on the essential charm of natural fabrics. Whether dyed naturally or undyed, materials such as recycled and regenerated fabrics, premium-quality wool, cashmere, or cotton, are carefully made and delicately finished.


As we revisit the past and reminisce, we unearth artisanal and traditional treasures bequeathed over generations. Cherish the handcrafted, folkloric charms, and continue to live in harmony with nature and an art-filled wonderland.

This neo-retro palette evokes nostalgia and warmth that heals the human mind, with reinvented fabrics elaborately combining tradition and modernity. Textiles include vintage fabrics, recycled/upcycled materials, handmade leather, patchwork, jacquard, multi-blends of diversified fibres, and more.


We drift into a world of long dreamt-of, unimaginable fashion, flitting between the realms of the real and the illusory, and fall into a fantasy-inspired scene of fairy-tale romance.

A bright palette fuses ephemerality and reality. By applying beads and fringes, virtual and wondrous patterns, and colour variation, premium fabrics including silk, cupro, polyester, and cellulose fibre are delicately crafted to express timeless emotion.


We witness a breathtaking scene with an inexplicable atmosphere, as authentic luxury, ornate elements and experimental aspects all blend into one, uniting the real and virtual worlds with an enchanting beauty.

A range of dense and dark-coloured fabrics, featuring extravagant, dramatic, opulent aspects and elements of sustainability. Prints and finishing include ornate jacquard, bold embroidery with design yarns, heavy satin, sensual motifs, elegant and gorgeous tweed, metallic coating and laminated gold.

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition 2023 is co-organised by Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd; the Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT; and the China Textile Information Centre. For more details on this fair, please visit:


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