TwineX4 the next-generation of digital dyeing systems

Twine Solutions Unveils Next Generation, Digital Thread and Yarn Dyeing System for production: TwineX4

Twine Solutions TwineX4
Photo - Twine Solutions

Twine Solutions is proud to announce the launch of TwineX4, the next-generation waterless, thread and yarn digital dyeing system for production. With the TwineX4 system, textile manufacturers can optimize their production process, achieving unmatched levels of accuracy, speed, efficiency and sustainability.

TwineX4 offers the convenience of on-demand, in-house thread and yarn digital dyeing for small to medium-sized batches, eliminating supply delays. This enables textile manufacturers to enhance their production flexibility, accelerate order fulfillment, and increase capacity to match the fast pace and demands of the fashion industry.

Engineered for sustainable manufacturing, TwineX4 utilizes a digital dyeing process that does not require any water. This zero-water process makes TwineX4 highly energy efficient, with energy consumption being approximately 2.7 times more efficient per kg compared to the traditional dyeing processes.

By performing in-house dyeing, customers produce exact lengths of thread and yarn, reducing wasted materials by up to eight times the amount resulting from external supplier MOQs. This approach supports the implementation of lower waste-to-landfill policies. Furthermore, producing dyed threads and yarns in-house helps to minimize electricity and carbon emissions by reducing the need for excess inventory storage and streamlining the supply chain.

TwineX4 meets production requirements with its exceptional dyeing speed, averaging 21.6 kilometers per hour, wound on four cones, each capable of accommodating up to 1.5 kilograms in a single run. With its upgraded capacity, TwineX4 can dye up to 2 tons of thread/yarn per year.

The first TwineX4 systems have already been sold and will be installed in May 2023.

“We are excited to introduce TwineX4 to the textile industry,” says Alon Moshe, Twine Solutions CEO, “We believe this system represents the future of textile production and will be a huge change for our customers. We are confident that TwineX4 will help textile manufacturers increase efficiency, reduce costs, and produce more sustainably.”

Twine’s TS-1800 legacy system, designed for product development and sampling, introduces new enhancements to the market, including Coats GCB colors for dyeing sewing threads and an improved color engine with color fine-tuning tools that facilitate unlimited creativity with minimal operational expertise.

The digital capabilities of Twine’s dyeing systems are versatile and ideal for a range of textile applications, including sock, garment, accessory manufacturing, and ribbons. Twine’s systems feature advanced color management tools that enable customers to match and replicate colors and develop new colorways accurately.

Twine Solutions will be exhibiting TwineX4 and TS-1800 at ITMA Milan 2023, the world’s biggest textile industry trade show. Industry professionals and textile manufacturers can witness the systems firsthand at the event and explore their capabilities. To see TwineX4 in action, visitors can book a demo and visit Twine’s booth.


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