Lenzing, Advance Denim and Officina+39 pioneer advancements in zero cotton denim aesthetics

Lenzing, Advance Denim and Officina+39
Photo - Lenzing

Lenzing Group, a leading global producer of wood-based specialty fibers, has joined forces with denim mill Advance Denim and Italian chemical company Officina+39 to unveil new advancements in zero-cotton denim aesthetics. The collaboration highlights the continued commitment of the three companies in promoting sustainable development of the denim industry through the introduction of a brand-new zero-cotton denim collection made of TENCEL Lyocell fibers.

As consumers become more aware of the environmental footprint of denim apparels, denim brands have experimented with new approaches to create and produce more sustainable denim products. Dedicated to creating denim apparel with reduced environmental impact, the collection comprises of Advance Denim’s innovative denim fabrics made of TENCEL Lyocell fibers and Officina+39’s special finishing technique, eco-efficient bleach treatment, and “Aqualess” sustainable wash process that saves up to 75% on water consumption in comparison to conventional wash process that gives a similar wash down effect. The result is a specially curated collection with zero cotton composition featuring a traditional “authentic denim” look that is usually found on cotton denim, thus revealing new design possibilities and aesthetics using sustainable alternatives for denim products.

Expanding design possibilities and enhancing aesthetics to reduce environmental impact

“In the past, zero cotton fabrics were known to have a softer feel and a cleaner look. The creation of an authentic vintage look and a respectively drier hand feel using TENCEL Lyocell fibers will inspire new design possibilities and aesthetics for denim brands which ultimately means greater variety of sustainable denim options for consumers. The partnership between TENCEL, Advance Denim, and Officina+39 is truly encouraging and underscores our relentless efforts and commitment towards pioneering denim innovations which empower the creation of more sustainable denim products, ultimately reducing the environmental footprint of the denim industry,” said Tuncay Kılıçkan, Lenzing’s Head of Global Business Development, Denim.

Zero cotton denim fabrics made with TENCEL Lyocell fibers offer softness, comfort, and sheen to the finished product. Compared with cotton, TENCEL Lyocell fibers offer better moisture management to support body temperature regulation. Zero cotton denim fabrics made with TENCEL Lyocell fibers also have the added benefit of being laser sensitive. Together with the right wash technique, they are a truly sustainable denim alternative from fiber to finished product.

Pioneering denim innovations for a sustainable denim industry

“The purpose of this collaboration is to combine zero cotton garments with our unique eco-washing technique to achieve the authentic conventional look and wash that is generally achieved on cotton denim. The collaboration matches perfectly with our ‘Aqualess Mission’ as we continue to explore new ways to enhance the efficiency of our production process while reducing the use of energy, space, and water resources,” said Andrea Venier, Managing Director of Officina+39.

“The collaboration with TENCEL and Advance Denim is founded on our shared vision to create denim products with minimal environmental impact. By combining a mix of sustainable fibers to create a zero-cotton fabric and a low-impact eco-washing technique, we are offering unique denim innovations that will truly appeal to the needs of denim brands and the industry as a whole. Our hope is that this collaboration will encourage industry-wide innovations for the sustainable development of the sector,” said Michael Lam, Director of Advance Denim.

The new special zero cotton denim collection will be showcased at the Lenzing booth during Kingpins New York (Green area #7) from July 19-20, 2023.


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