Interview with Mr. Baskaran Murugesan, CEO, Kloud Knit Mill

Kloud Knit Mill uses RFID sensor-based tags for providing real-time updates on the products

Baskaran Murugesan, CEO, Kloud Knit Mill
Mr. Baskaran Murugesan, CEO, Kloud Knit Mill

Kloud Knit Mill Ltd has been in business for around three months, having begun operations in April 2023. Prior to its launch, its founder, Mr. Baskaran Murugesan, worked with organizations such as Karl Otto Braun GmbH, Alok Industries Ltd, Intertek Testing Services Pvt Ltd, and some others for over 25 years. In addition, he earned a B. Tech in textiles from Anna University and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode.  Textile South Asia spoke with Baskaran Murugesan, CEO of Kloud Knit Mill Ltd, to learn about his company’s activities and the products and services it offers in such a competitive market.

Textile South Asia – Tell us a brief description of your company.

Mr. Baskaran Murugesan – We are a knitted garment manufacturing cluster based in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India. We aggregate the manufacturers in the knitted garments value chain independently, such as spinning, knitting, dyeing, printing, embroidery, and cut-to-pack operations. This enables us to identify underutilized industrial capacity and aggregate it to create a large capacity. Then we connect the value chain with industry 4.0 technologies and assist them by providing working capital and technical guidance in order to produce high-quality, sustainable goods. Finally, we connect them with business-to-business customers effectively by providing transparent data such as live order status, quality and delivery rating, and value cost rating.

Thus, we comprehend, create, and offer value to B2B customers through one-stop shopping for all knitted garments purchased, savings on costs of 10 to 15%, dynamic pricing, and the shortest possible delivery time.

TSA – Currently what is the product range offered under the Kloud Knit Mill?

Mr. Baskaran Murugesan – Knitted clothes for babies, children, adults, and sports.

TSA – What type of products do you serve?

Mr. Baskaran Murugesan – T-shirt, Polo t-shirt, printed and embroidered t-shirts, bodysuit, sleepsuit, romper, vest, sportswear

TSA – Explain the technology and process.

Mr. Baskaran Murugesan – For export orders, we get orders from importers, retailers, and buying houses. Orders from Indian brands and merchant orders for domestic supply are also accepted. These orders were fulfilled from our cluster production facilities in accordance with the buyer’s specifications. We pay them immediately in order to obtain the cheapest price from vendors. Finally, we deliver the final product to B2B customers.

When executing orders, we leverage internal resources such as Industry 4.0 technologies to optimize the production process and technical specialists to train and guide our suppliers to complete the order according to the customer’s specifications.

We also enabled RFID tracking throughout our manufacturing process. As a result, B2B customers can now monitor the actual order progress, as well as the specific location and cost of each procedure.

We give the best price to business-to-business customers when we book our order since we are utilizing underutilized industry capacity. Furthermore, there are more opportunities to reduce costs throughout execution. This will result in an additional benefit from the agreed-upon price. This incentive is also extended to business-to-business

TSA – Who is your top client?

Mr. Baskaran Murugesan – An importer, retailer, Indian brand, merchant buyer, and buying agents

TSA – How is the textile market presently (both in India and globally)?

Mr. Baskaran Murugesan – Now struggling as the global market slows. This is an opportunity for our company to pool unutilized capacity and give B2B customers a very competitive pricing with high quality.

TSA – What are the future growth and expansion plans for Kloud Knit Mill?

Mr. Baskaran Murugesan –  In the next five years, we hope to grab 20% of the Tirupur export and domestic markets. We are not building a new product market. Simply getting between the buyer and the vendor and adding value to both.


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