Mushrooms expands on full patent filing for Nutrient-Delivery Textile Innovation

Kimberly Carlson, CEO of Mushrooms

Mushrooms Inc., provides further insights into its recently filed patent, “METHOD OF GENERATING MULTIFUNCTIONAL MYCELIUM PRODUCTS.” This groundbreaking patent not only emphasizes bacterial detection but also spotlights a transformative approach to nutrient delivery in textiles. This release specifically addresses the potential of nutrient delivery in textile development which they call MYCOThread, and also rectifies the U.S. Patent Application No. to 18/488,639, as previously misstated.

Kimberly Carlson, CEO of MSRM, remarked, “Yesterday we highlighted our product’s bacterial detection capabilities. Today, we’re excited to shed light on its potential in textile innovation. We have set up phases for the development of the MYCOthread with an emphasis on speed to market and revenue generation, supporting extensive testing for our flagship technology.  We’re starting with biodegradable thread for fabric and advancing to adaptogenic, nutrient-rich textiles with transdermal delivery. Specific applications are aimed towards athletic wear that aids recovery and reduces cramps, bedsheets that optimize relaxation and everyday wear that delivers custom health catered to individual needs.”

Board Director, Donald Steinberg, describes the technology this way, “Historically, studies have shown that our bodies can absorb substances from our clothing, as seen with the toxic chemical fire-retardants in children’s pajamas. We’re harnessing this absorption capability positively by combining mycelium’s characteristics and advanced technology to deliver beneficial nutrients consistently.”

Amid the innovative pursuits, it’s essential to underscore the company’s robust foundation. Mushrooms Inc. has consistently demonstrated a deep-rooted commitment to scientific rigor, technological advancement, and market-driven innovation. With a seasoned team of professionals, the company is not only advancing the frontier of mycelium research but also ensuring that each development is grounded in real-world applications and scalability. It’s this blend of visionary thinking and pragmatic execution that sets Mushrooms Inc. apart. This full patent filing is an example of how they meet the goals they have set out to attain and take them beyond what was originally expected.

Mushrooms Inc.’s full patent filing centers around methods that generate multifunctional mycelium products capable of bacterial detection and nutrient delivery. With applications spanning healthcare, aerospace, lifestyle, and more, this technology is set to make significant inroads across various industries.

The newly filed patent, under patent number 18/488,639, stands independent of the provisional patent, embodying the collective intelligence and innovative contributions of four esteemed inventors: Kimberly Carlson, Dr. Hyder Ali Khoja, Maqsad Suriev, and Donald Steinberg.

Mushrooms Inc. extends its gratitude to its dedicated team, partners, and supporters. Their commitment to innovation, combined with a relentless pursuit of excellence, has positioned the company at the forefront of mycelium technology development.


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