Switzerland’s Rheiazymes AG joins ITMF as corporate member

Ms. Sandra Grimmer, CEO & Co-Founder, Rheiazymes AG
Ms. Sandra Grimmer, CEO & Co-Founder, Rheiazymes AG

With its proprietary molecular bio-recycling technology, Rheiazymes provides biotech solutions for the recycling of functional fabrics. Rheiazymes’ first industry application, YARN-TO-YARN is a commitment to closing the recycling gap for synthetic yarn blends and functional textiles, through using natural enzymes.

Mr. Christian Schindler, Director General of ITMF, stated that “it is important to welcome start-up companies like Rheiazymes as new members of ITMF as they bring new innovative ideas on how urgent challenges in the textile value chain could be solved. Recycling is a very important area where the industry is still looking for additional solutions that can be scaled up. Bringing well-established and forward-looking companies together with start-ups like Rheiazymes that are developing new solutions for pressing problems is an important function of ITMF. Only together and in a cooperative manner is it possible to develop sustainable and commercially viable solutions. Rheiazymes is working on groundbreaking solutions that are needed to transform our industry.”

Ms. Sandra Grimmer, CEO and co-founder, Rheiazymes pointed out that “winning the ITMF Start-up Award 2023 increased our visibility on an international level and provided us with additional access to the global textile value chain. Seeing the concrete needs of the industry around the world when it comes to recycling and identifying the value-added of our solutions, is critical for our work. ITMF offers a unique international platform to engage with the global value chain.”


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