Teijin Frontier announces development of Microft MX, a new material for sports and outdoor wear

combines the texture and functionality of polyester and nylon.

Teijin Frontier
Photo - Teijin Frontier

Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., the Teijin Group’s fibers and products converting company, today announced the development of Microft MX, a next-generation, high-quality, high-performance material. This product is made from highly-deformed cross-section multifilament yarn*, which is a uniform mixture of single filaments of polyester and nylon, using a unique spinning technology, as the optimal woven or knitted structure. The evenly mixed polyester and nylon filaments produce deep colors. And Microft MX has the appearance of a finely woven chambray due to the difference in the dyeing effect of both materials.

The raw yarn has a gently V-shaped highly-deformed cross-section, which provides bulkiness and a spun-like, soft texture. Uniformly mixing polyester and nylon on the surface and in the structure of the woven fabric produces a combination of desirable features from both materials, such as the abrasion resistance and color development capabilities of nylon, and the water absorption, quick-drying properties and shape stability of polyester.

Technology overview

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Product characteristics of “Microft MX”

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In recent years, fashions that combine the practicality of sports and outdoor apparel with lifestyle have been expanding in popularity. There is a growing need for fabrics with superior functionality, plus new looks and textures, that differ from conventional products.

Polyester and nylon are often used in sports and outdoor clothing. Advances in product development are being made to take advantage of polyester’s stretch properties, dimensional stability, water absorption and quick-drying properties, and nylon’s abrasion resistance and vivid colors. However, no progress has been made in developing materials that combine the texture and functionality of polyester and nylon.

Teijin Frontier will begin promoting Microft MX fabric for the 2025 spring and summer outdoor clothing and sportswear collections. Applications will then be expanded to include functional clothing of innerwear and fashion clothing, with the aim of selling 500,000m per year by 2026.

*Multifilament yarn: A filament yarn made by pulling together dozens of single yarns (single fibers) into a single yarn.


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