A Retrospect of the ITCPE 2023 in Guangzhou

ITCPE 2023
Photo - Allallinfo Group

In May 20–22, organized by Hong Kong Allallinfo Media Group, Guangzhou Allallinfo Co., Ltd., and the magazine, Textile Printing, the 2023 Guangzhou (18th) International Textile Clothing and Printing Industry Expo (ITCPE) was successfully held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center.

Renowned enterprises and experts are gathered at ITCPE 2023, focusing on the business opportunities of the garment and textile printing industries. In the spot, all kinds of products are dazzling: not only automatic screen printing machines, industrial digital transfer printing, and DTG equipment, but also customization solutions, digital printing consumables, and supplies, all kinds of apparel accessories, DTF solutions, embroidery and sewing machines and consumables, and so on.

Visiting Groups from Hubei Province, Anyang City of Henan Province, and Citys of Northeastern China.

The scale of the 2023 ITCPE is much bigger than the previous year. This year’s event featured more than 500 quality enterprises and covered more than 3 million square feet. We successfully created a platform for industry communication and exhibition, and business negotiations between exhibitors, experts, and spectators are a common sight.

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We could perceive that more than 500+ enterprises such as KINZEL Printing, Epson, Brother,ORIC, Grando, KEUNDO, PENGDA, PO-TRY, FLORA, CNDING, Zhenfeng, Success Automation, Fourstar, Machine Elements, YiliJet, Pros-view, RATEX, POMAKER, DAHAO, SINSIM, CBL, Bihong, Yuanyin Digital, MAYA, CH-JIA, YUEMEI, RICOMA, Yuchen, MyColor, BOYAN, ZHOUSURNAME, Dongguan BEST, LNXWO, XINFYING, Zhongwang, Pinyin, Aomya, Chuanghui, ZHAOSHAN, M100, HDHT, kornit-print, TIANWEI XINCAI, Xinghao, INKBANK, KUYIN, JIUH LIH, Jiangchuan, Siheda, Nuowei, HY, YIXING TIANLI, KEDO SILICON, print-pretty, Chaolun, Chuangke, Shenzhen Boyan K3, Kalos, XMAYPRINT, JYIE, Color Spring, Junao, Caiyintong, Jiechuang, Lamborink, SAN GONG, HONGSAM, XING QI LASER, SEENSUN, Dongguan Gaoshang Machinery, COLORMADE, HOOSUN, SNS, KASULASER, 91TUKU, Yuqiaofu, Duotian, Golden XT, KAIOU, Hongzhongmachinery, Fanghua Digital, INKTEC, Tianli, Sunflower, Ruiyi New Maaterials, Dayuan, Jinhui, Wuxi Luoshe twon Yang City Chengming Textile Machinery Factory., Xiuzhiyuan, Xinshanlian, Wuzhou, Fujian Jiansheng, Dongguan Zhongtian, New Image Printing, Yeren Digital, Feiyue Textile Printing Equipment Factory, Junye, ZHENYING, Xiuzhiyuan, MSO, Quanzhou Yaxin, Foshan Xinbin, Dongguan Dingjun, ALSAFETY, Jinyan, Hummberg, Rong xuan creative factory, Shuangfei, Huacai, Tianma, Shishi Jianan Hot Melt Adhesive, Jinbao, Tianying, TaicangYangfan, Senhua, Junhao, COLOR WING, Chengna Chemical, Eurolite Optical, Jianyao, WUHAN SHANGGU INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, Shengshun Machinery, Yituna, Hongdashengchang, etc in the fields of textile printing, digital printing, embroridery, apparel fabrics & accessories have participated in the ITCPE 2023.

Compared to the previous year, ITCPE 2023 has more attention and a higher conversion rate. With the termination of the pandemic, many overseas spectators came here, which instilled confidence in our textile market.

The scorching and fickle temperature did not dampen spectators’ steps. There is an endless flow of people through the exhibition even after the closing ceremony, which reflects its soaring popularity.

Throughout the exhibition site, each booth is full of popularity, and each enterprise has taken out their skills with new technology and new products to seize business opportunities. Exhibitors patiently and professionally introduced their new products to the spectators, who watched the operation of the machines, touched the texture of embroidery, and appreciated the charm of textile art.

You Can Browser the Recap of the Exhibition by Clicking:A Retrospect of ITCPE 2023_ITCPE Guangzhou_Allallinfo Media Hong Kong Group

High Contract Rates

This exhibition is fairly successful since many exhibitors received new orders on the first day, and the incessant orders were witnessed in the follow-up two days. The overall satisfaction of the exhibitor is rather high, and even large booths were preordered.

Many exhibitors told us that the ITCPE is an expert stage and they harvest fruitful contracts. They praised that it is an established exhibition; hence, they get lots of new orders, and they will continue to be the attending companies.

So far, the three-day ITCPE 2023 has come to a successful conclusion here! We’ll see you at 2024, 20, March!


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