Archroma and SANITIZED AG celebrate a decade-long partnership and align strategically for enhanced collaboration in marketing, sales, and technology

Photo - Archroma

Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals, proudly announces the continuation of its longstanding partnership with SANITIZED AG, marking collaborative success in the textile industry. This enduring alliance has been a cornerstone in driving innovation and setting industry standards, particularly for odor and hygiene management within the home textiles and apparel industry.

The textile landscape has witnessed the transformative power of the partnership between SANITIZED AG and Archroma, resulting in cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled quality across diverse applications. Archroma, recognized as the number one chemical supplier in its markets, further solidifies its position through the acquisition of Huntsman’s Textile Effects division in February 2023. “The acquisition enabled Archroma to broaden its global reach and technical expertise. Paired with our strong expertise in freshness additives, we enhance our marketing teams for joint communication, enhance the salesforce in the regions and strengthen our innovation force to drive the industry towards more sustainable solutions,” says Michael Lüthi, CEO of SANITIZED AG.

The partnership is a testament to the commitment to excellence and shared values that have defined the collaboration since its establishment in 1989 (with the Textile Division of Sandoz AG). “Our strategic partnership marks a pivotal moment for the global textile market. Both our company’s commitment towards sustainability, innovation, and technical expertise is a perfect match,” adds Dhirendra Gautam, Vice President Product Marketing and Strategy, Archroma Textile Effects.

With a focus on strategic development, Archroma and SANITIZED AG aim to reinforce mills and brands in elevating their products by adding the value of freshness to their products and providing high-quality effects. This collaboration offers customers a flexible package, completed with application support through technical service and expertise, along with access to a strong product portfolio. Notably, the partners are ready to lead market trends and transformations, particularly in freshness finishes, ensuring their collective success in the dynamic landscape.

The commitment to this cooperation symbolizes the resilience and strength of this alliance, and it is poised for continued success in the years to come.


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