Mango StartUp Studio invests in Flipflow

A market analytics and business data monitoring start-up


Mango, one of Europe’s leading fashion groups, is moving forward in its innovation and investing in Flipflow, a start-up for market analytics, price monitoring and real-time stock control in different marketplaces.

The investment, which will be channelled through its Mango StartUp Studio accelerator, involves supporting the company through a convertible equity loan and represents Flipflow’s entry into an accelerator programme, through which the entrepreneurs will learn at first-hand how Mango operates and will be able to scale their business model. As part of the programme, the Flipflow team will receive advice and mentoring sessions from Mango experts, collaborating with them to create new functionalities and raise the value proposition of their technology project.

This is the sixth investment Mango StartUp Studio has made since its launch in 2022. To date, the accelerator has invested in companies such as Union Avatars, a technology start-up for digital identity and the development of avatars in different styles, and Ziknes, a 3D printing start-up for architectural and design components using sustainable materials.

Flipflow was founded in 2021 with the mission to offer brands, manufacturers and distributors in the retail sector a dashboard and an accurate, real-time image of the status of their products, competitors and categories in different marketplaces globally. The Valencia-based start-up is committed to creating a benchmark in market analytics and competitive intelligence to improve the management and monitoring of companies’ business data.


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