Guangzhou international textile clothing and printing industry expo: better services, larger scale

Guangzhou International Textile Clothing and Printing Industry Expo
Photo - Guangzhou International Textile Clothing and Printing Industry Expo

As the strategic center of South China, Guangzhou plays a vital role not only in the region but also within the broader China-ASEAN economic cooperation, leveraging its unique position within the “South China Sea Economic Zone” and vast domestic and foreign market. Drawing upon its rich history as a “Millennia-old Trading Capital” and its pioneering spirit as a reform and opening-up city, Guangzhou has established itself as a leading center for professional textile and apparel markets, radiating its influence throughout South China and beyond.


Capitalizing on a dense textile and apparel industry in its vicinity, Guangzhou boasts six major business districts: Sun Yat-sen University Textile District, Liuhua-Kuangquan District, Thirteen Hongs District, Shahe District, Xintang District, and Shijing District.

Each district, with its unique character, plays a pivotal role in South China and the national textile and apparel landscape. Together, they weave a comprehensive industrial and supply chain ecosystem encompassing fabrics, accessories, textile printing, embroidery & dyeing, fashion design, manufacturing, exhibition & sales, product launches, and supporting industries. This robust network features over 30,000 clothing companies and related enterprises, 3,000+ brands, and a workforce exceeding 10,000 designers, solidifying Guangzhou’s position as a leader in scale, variety, and capacity.

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For over two decades, Allallinfo Media Group has flourished in South China, drawn by the region’s ideal geographical location and vibrant textile and apparel market. They have proudly hosted nearly 18 sessions of the Guangzhou International Textile Clothing and Printing Industry Expo (ITCPE), a landmark event for the industry.

Rooted in Guangzhou, ITCPE pulsates with the energy of South China, extending its reach to ASEAN nations and beyond. It dedicates itself to crafting a premier platform for seamless interaction, exchange, and commerce between supply and demand sides. By fostering innovation, sustainability, and efficiency, ITCPE empowers the industry’s vibrant growth.

This year, the 19th ITCPE returns to its cherished home: the Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Center, from May 20 to 22. While the familiar dates and venue remain, the scale and service quality promise to soar even higher. Witness an expanded exhibition area exceeding 45,000 square meters, with a brand-new hall dedicated to cutting-edge printing, dyeing, and finishing technologies.

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Exhibition Scale

Exhibition Space:45000+㎡
Renowned Exhibitors:1000+
Professional Visitors:60000+


Textile Printing Industry Technology Exhibition

Digital Textile Printers, Fully/semi-/ automatic/manual textile printers, flat screen printers, rotary screen printing machines, transfer printing equipment, laser engraver/cutter, plate-making machines, drying tunnel, heat press machine, foil stamping machine, digital inkject printing system, ageing machines, textile printing materials, dyestuff, ink, auxiliaries, etc.

Intelligent Sewing and Embroidery Industry Technology Exhibition

Single-needle embroidery machines, multi-needle/super multi-needle embroidery machines, digitizing system and embroidery software, CNC system and spare parts, sewing equipment, and CNC driver system, spreading and cutting equipment, ironing and finishing equipment, garment hanger transportation system, packaging equipment, laser equipment, automatic garment production line solution., etc.

International Printing, Dyeing and Finishing Technology Exhibition

Washing machines, dyeing machines, pre-treatment machinery, finishing machinery, fabrics washing machines, dehydrator, drying machines, singeing machines, automatic control equipment, dye mixer, filter press, valve, analytical instrument, disperse dye, acid dye, reactive dye, various dyes & auxiliaries.

Clothing Fabrics and Accessories Exhibition

Various types of clothing fabrics, functional/sportswear fabrics, pattern designs, heat transfer & heat transfer film, rhinestones/patches/sequins.

Multi-Publicity Channels

If you want to learn more about ITCPE 2024, Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you from A to Z, including visa application assistance. If want to participate in the exhibition, contact us via Whatsapp (+86 136 1047 6782) or Viber (+86 17666 388 434) or Voice Direct Call at +86 17666388434. or email:


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