Archroma introduces highly sustainable durable water repellent for outerwear and apparel fabrics that is softer and more durable

Photo- - Archroma

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, has introduced a new bio-based durable water repellent (DWR) finish that helps mills and brands produce apparel that is soft to the touch and yet offers robust rain and stain protection and an improved sustainability profile.

PHOBOTEX NTR-50 LIQ is designed to provide excellent water repellence on all kinds of fibers while achieving a very soft handle and avoiding undesired effects like yellowing and chalk marking. It performs especially well on synthetic fibers and their blends, making it ideal for apparel, outdoor wear, and home textiles.

The new DWR is based on 50% renewable carbon content based on ASTM D6866 and is free of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and formaldehyde. It is also crosslinker-free, which makes it more flexible in use. While offering good wash durability on its own, PHOBOTEX NTR-50 LIQ can be combined with a crosslinker like ARKOPHOB NTR-40, which has a biocarbon content of 40%, to further boost wash and/or dry-cleaning resistance.

Archroma is dedicated to leading the fashion and textile industry to a more sustainable future through a focus on ‘Planet Conscious’ innovation,” Georg Lang, Market Segment Director Finishing, Archroma Textile Effects, said. “With our new PHOBOTEX NTR-50 LIQ, we have used renewable feedstock to create a best-in-class DWR that is both cost-efficient and delivers a softer hand feel than comparable products. This makes it possible for brands to offer consumers the excellent rain, splash, and stain protection they expect, but in fabrics that are more comfortable to wear as well as less likely to tear.”

PHOBOTEX NTR-50 LIQ also has excellent runnability, which ensures reproducible performance and high production safety, even at elevated temperatures. It is helpful for mills seeking to solve challenges like running issues, such as roller build-up, and strong chalk marking or harsh handles.

Sportswear, fashion, and home textiles treated with the PHOBOTEX NTR-50 LIQ durable water repellent qualify for the High IQ Repel assurance program. The High IQ program assures consumers that these products deliver performance, protection, and comfort and meet strict environmental standards.


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