Smartex exhibits groundbreaking solutions at ITM 2024

Enhancing textile production.

Automated Inspection for Circular Knitting Machines. Photo - Smartex

Smartex, a trailblazing leader in textile industry innovation, is proud to announce its return to ITM 2024, showcasing unparalleled advancements in quality control and production efficiency. Building on the success of previous exhibitions at ITM 2022 and ITMA Milan 2023, Smartex emerges stronger than ever, presenting its complete Smartex System tailored to transform textile manufacturing.

At ITM 2024, Smartex will exhibit its flagship AI-based solution, Smartex CORE, at its main booth as well as participate with other major leading machinery manufacturers. This strategic collaboration underscores Smartex’s commitment to revolutionizing quality control across the textile industry, facilitating seamless defect detection and optimization processes.

Smartex’s main booth, located in Hall 3 at Stand 308I, will serve as an epicenter of innovation, offering visitors a firsthand experience with live demonstrations of cutting-edge technology designed to elevate production standards as well as engaging discussions with their team of experts. Smartex invites all attendees of ITM Istanbul 2024 to visit their booth to discover the future of textile manufacturing. 

“We are excited to showcase our latest innovations at ITM Istanbul 2024 and demonstrate how is shaping the future of textile manufacturing,” says Gilberto Loureiro, CEO & Co-Founder of “Our solutions empower textile manufacturers to streamline operations, enhance product quality, and drive sustainable growth.”

Smartex System Overview:

Smartex is renowned for its award-winning hardware-based software solutions, designed to meet the evolving demands of modern textile factories. At the heart of Smartex’s offerings lies the groundbreaking Smartex CORE, an AI-driven system that enables real-time defect detection during open-width and tubular Circular Knitting Machine production.

In addition to Smartex CORE, the Smartex System encompasses Smartex FACT and Smartex LOOP, offering comprehensive factory management and supply chain optimization capabilities. Through advanced analytics and seamless integration, Smartex empowers manufacturers to enhance quality control, streamline operations, and drive sustainable growth.

Key Features of Smartex Solutions:

  • Real-time Defect Detection: Smartex CORE utilizes cutting-edge AI and machine learning algorithms to identify defects in real time, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency for reduced waste and enhanced quality control.
  • Efficient Factory Management: Smartex FACT provides manufacturers with detailed operational insights and production analytics, enabling informed decision-making and resource optimization.
  • Enhanced Supply Chain Communication: Smartex LOOP ensures a quality record of production and enhances supply chain communication, meeting the demand for enhanced data from fashion brands, regulations, and consumers by fostering transparency and collaboration between suppliers and brands.


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