Uster presents FiberQ and RSO 3D at ITM 2024

Reduce waste and boost profits in spinning

Uster FiberQ supports spinner's daily processes. Photo - Uster

Spinners seeking profitable investments for sustainable mill operations would do well to check out Uster FiberQ and RSO 3D. Both these systems offer attractive ROI. They also help spinners control the most expensive stages in the mill process, cutting waste and boosting profits.

Field tests show that comprehensive raw material management can save 0.5% to 2% of waste. Every spinner wants maximum profitability from yarn production, so this evidence should be examined seriously. All the details will be available at ITM 2024, where Uster experts will welcome visitors to Booth 714B in Hall 7. Here we present some of the compelling attractions of these systems. For example, if barré faults and quality consistency are major headaches, spinners are recommended to read on.

Manage the big cost factor

Raw material accounts for 65% to 75% of the production costs for cotton yarn. Saving even a single percentage of waste here can be significant: a cost reduction of USD 255,000 (€ 239,000) per year, is typically achieved for a mill with 50,000 spindles, based on Ne 30 yarn with a price of 1.8 USD per kilogram of cotton. This savings potential can be tapped with Uster FiberQ – the complete solution for raw material utilization – supporting spinners’ daily processes, quality consistency, profitability, and further growth.

Optimum sourcing and use of raw materials need to take into account of inventory levels, required yarn quality, and cotton parameters. FiberQ software simplifies the process and integrated Uster Application Intelligence cuts through the complexity, unlocking maximum potential.

Uster FiberQ works with powerful software, analyzing fiber data from available inventories and creating consistent and reliable laydowns for optimum quality and performance. The basis is reliable raw material data, measured by Uster HVI1000. With FiberQ, the Uster fiber classification and analysis system is accessible through a subscription model.

Think Quality next level

FiberQ has three elements. It combines data-enabled software, cutting-edge hardware, and textile expertise. So the global know-how and experience of Uster experts opens new perspectives for quality and profitability. Textile expertise brings all the capabilities of equipment, data and software tools into the mill context. Uster textile experts work with the mill’s own personnel to train them and help shorten the road from testing to real results.

The FiberQ quality promise is already proven in practice. Spinners report significant quality improvements. For example, no barré faults occurred after the FiberQ solution was installed. The overall IPI quality improvements showed a level of >25% and greater consistency was observed.

Potential in the most cost-intensive process

Many Uster customers are convinced that investing in quality equates to increasing profitability. Uster RSO 3D is another example of a secure investment in the mill’s future. It’s an intelligent combination of Uster Sentinel ring spinning optimization system, Uster Quantum 4.0 yarn clearer, and a linked winding machine with spindle identification. It adds up to a unique preventive quality control for textile mills. These three dimensions of quality measurement in one system achieve the ultimate goals of process optimization and traceability.

Individual data for each spindle enables quality mapping throughout the ring-spinning machine, and any poor quality production is indicated right there. Outlier cops are ejected through direct machine intervention, before winding. This significantly reduces winder stops and clearer cuts. The system also guides operators to the exact position where an issue is identified, enabling fast action for minimum losses – and maximum profitability.

Typically Uster

Spinners know they need to adopt innovative techniques and technologies to meet business challenges and ensure long-term sustainability and profits. Previously, quality management has been largely based on the experience of mill personnel, with available tools at the level of Excel files. This resulted in low utilization of data, because of the complicated and time-consuming processes – which even then could not offer the best results.

Data-enabled software is the key to progress and success. Uster offers reliable measuring systems and powerful software, analyzing data from different sources for optimum yarn quality and performance, every day.


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