Trident Pneumatics at ITME 2022 — Stand H15C18, Hall H15

Interview – Mr. K.S. Natarajan, Managing Director, Trident Pneumatics

Mr. K.S. Natarajan, Managing Director Trident Pneumatics Private Limited. Photo: Trident Pneumatics
Mr. K.S. Natarajan, Managing Director Trident Pneumatics Private Limited. Photo: Trident Pneumatics

TSA – What is TRIDENT PNEUMATICS showcasing at India ITME 2022?

We are a leading manufacturer of a wide range of Compressed Air treatment products since 1988. We offer innovative and customized solutions catering to specialized application requirements of varied industries and thereby, ensure the availability of quality air and gas by removing for all applications. We are exhibiting most of our product offering ranges from Heat of compression (HOC) refrigerated dryers, desiccant dryers, filters, and drain valves.

TSA – How helpful is this event for your company from the sales and other aspects?

Air dryers are essential in the textile industry to ensure the quality of yarn, fabric, and garments. We can showcase our offering to Indian and global audiences. We are ready to consider potential options for contract manufacturing as well. Exhibitions are good platforms to connect with all the customers, prospects, dealers, and suppliers.

TSA – What is the current product range offered by TRIDENT PNEUMATICS for the Indian market?

Trident being a leading manufacturer of Compressed Air treatment products, we have a wide range of products like drain valves, filters (Micro filters up to 2000 CFM), refrigerated dryers (20 to 2000 CFM), desiccant dryers (5 to 1144 CFM), Nitrogen and Oxygen generators. Apart from these standard products, we also work on custom solutions to cater to the need of customers.

TSA – What kind of audience are you expecting at India ITME 2022?

ITME being a well-recognized event in India, we are eager to meet the key people across the value chain (Mills & OEMs) from the textile industry from both domestic and export markets.

TSA – What innovations have your company made in the past years that you would like our readers to know about?

We introduced oxygen generators in the recent past, during the pandemic. The demand for oxygen was very high and was the prime need of the country. A reputation we are proud of that we can contribute to the country in a small way. We have gained a reputation as a global supplier. We are focusing on energy-efficient dryers with Industry 4.0 capability, an effort toward a sustainable future. Our offerings on HOC dryers are highly appreciated by customers across the segment.

TSA – What are your company’s future vision and growth plans? Will India be an important part of your global strategy?

Trident Pneumatics’ vision is to become a leader in Compressed air treatment, Separation and filtration products in selected markets and segments. We are continuously innovating our products that can cater to the global market. We are focusing on energy-efficient dryers to create a sustainable future. We are growing at a CAGR of 20% in India. The export market is also in our focus, currently, we have a presence in the USA, Canada, Middle East, and South East Asian countries.

TSA – What is your expectation for growth in textile manufacturing and exports from India?

The Indian textile and apparel industry is expected to grow at 10% CAGR from 2021-22 to reach US$ 190 billion by 2025-26. India has a 4% share of the global trade in textiles and apparel. The overall Indian textiles market is expected to be worth more than US $209 billion by 2029. Companies in home textiles are using technology to optimize the value chain. We as a company want to contribute to the textile industry by offering energy-efficient dryers with IoT-enabled features with better MTBF.


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