Switzerland’s Dimpora joins ITMF as corporate member

Dimpora founders Dr. Mario Stucki and Dr. Anna Beltzung. Pic: Dimpora
Dimpora founders Dr. Mario Stucki and Dr. Anna Beltzung. Photo: Dimpora

As a start-up, dimpora was selected to present in one of the two “Start-up Sessions” at the
ITMF Annual Conference 2022 in Davos, Switzerland. In this context, they were offered a
two-year complimentary Corporate Membership.

dimpora is an award-winning materials start-up that reconciles performance clothing and
sustainability by developing non-toxic (PFAS-free, DMF-free), waterproof, and highly
breathable membranes. Their patented technology platform relies on scientific expertise
and continuous innovation to empower people to enjoy nature without leaving a trace.

Dr. Mario Stucki, CEO said that “for start-ups and scale-ups it is important to be affiliated
with organizations whose members are serving the international markets and have an
excellent knowledge of the global market structures and the potential regional and global
demand. Therefore, ITMF is an attractive platform that we can use and be an active part of.”

Dr. Christian Schindler, Director General of ITMF stated that “ITMF members had welcome
very much the concept of inviting start-up companies to the Federation’s ITMF Annual
Conference. Bringing together representatives of well-established textile organizations and
companies with newcomers from around the world is mutually beneficial. Start-ups bring a
new perspective to existing challenges and offer new solutions applying new technologies. At the same time, they can connect with mature companies that know the markets very well. This interaction is beneficial for everyone involved and will help the textile industry to identify new technologies that help to overcome challenges.”

Information about dimpora.: https://dimpora.com/
Information about ITMF: www.itmf.org


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