XEROS partners with YILMAK on new lower impact garment finishing machine

XEROS partners with YILMAK
Photo - XEROS

Xeros is proud to announce a new partnership with YILMAK, one of the largest garment finishing manufacturers in the world, to incorporate Xeros’ technology to create a new garment finishing machine with lower environmental impact.

XFN, Xeros’ finishing innovation, uses patented polymer spheres, called XOrbsTM in a closed-loop system with an XDrumTM to wash and finish textiles and denim. This innovative technology delivers a lower impact alternative to traditional methods, reducing water, chemistry, energy, and time leaving garments with a softer feel, greater tear strength, and finished in shorter cycle times.

This new combination of Xeros’ innovations and YILMAK’s specialist technology is an exciting first step of a partnership aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the apparel industry.

YILMAK produce original equipment across the apparel finishing sector in Dyeing, Ozone, Washing, and Drying. Xeros’ XFN technology will be incorporated across a range of YILMAK garment finishing machines, and these Xeros-enabled YILMAK machines will be made available through a global distribution partnership with KRM Tekstil Boya San, one of the leading specialists in garment dyeing and washing in Turkey.

The fashion industry is one of the highest consumers and polluters of water.i It is estimated that every year it uses 93 billion cubic meters of water – enough to meet the consumption needs of five million people. ii In a world with increasing water scarcity, the fashion industry has a critical role to play in minimizing water use during garment manufacturing.

Real-life testing of Xeros’ finishing technology has shown that it reduces water by over 50% in the finishing process.

“The apparel industry is under increasing pressure from both consumers and legislators to reduce its impact on the planet,” said Neil Austin, CEO of Xeros. “We are very pleased to have signed this contract with likeminded partner YILMAK which enables us to bring our technologies to the global market,”

M. Furkan Civelek, GM Sales and Marketing of YILMAK, said: “YILMAK is proud to announce the collaboration with Xeros, which will bring about a new era in the sustainable denim garment washing industry. This partnership aims to minimize the amount of water, chemical, and energy used in the process of creating denim garments to reduce environmental impact. This collaborative effort represents a significant step forward in the quest for more sustainable fashion practices, and YILMAK and Xeros are committed to leading the charge.”

The first Xeros-enabled YILMAK machine, an Ecogreen EGW-500, 5000-liter finishing machine, will be launched at ITMA Milano in June 2023.


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