Jeanologia pays homage to the 501 on its 150th anniversary as an icon of fashion, humankind and sustainability.

Photo - Jeanologia

Jeanologia extends special congratulations to its friends at Levi Strauss on the 150th anniversary of the 501 and shows its appreciation for bringing the world this iconic garment that represents passion for the product, authenticity, attention to detail, and high-quality work.

What initially began as clothing for miners and later for cowboys, soon became a revolution that crossed borders, generations and cultures to become one of the most influential garments in history.

A symbol of rebellion, the 501 has been present in every major cultural revolution of our century as the most symbolic garment over four generations: from hippies, to rockers or yuppies, up to the present day.

For 150 years, the 501 has been able to adapt to the passage of time, responding to the needs of each era and representing the values of humanity.

An evolution that has resulted in its current position as a symbol of new rebels who care for the environment, bringing together authenticity, comfort and quality with respect for the planet.

For Enrique Silla, President at Jeanologia, “it is incredible what this iconic product can express just by being in your closet or by dyeing your legs indigo blue”.

In his opinion, “thanks to technology 501s first were strong and resistant, almost unbreakable, and with today’s technology we age them by imitating the effect of the passage of time and respecting the environment”. That’s why, he stressed that “the next mission of the 501 is to become a symbol of respect for the environment and responsible consumption”.

The 501 celebrates its 150th anniversary in the San Francisco Armory with a focus on sustainability.

 As part of the commemorative events for the 150th anniversary of the 501, Levi’s is holding a main event from May 18th to the 27th at the San Francisco Armory, which will bring together numerous personalities and international celebrities at its inauguration.

A space that shows the story of how the 501 is manufactured from scratch in an environmentally friendly way.

As a technological partner of Levi’s, Jeanologia is proud to participate in this event with its customization center where the public will have the opportunity to customize their 501s during the month of May using the company’s technologies, seeing live and in-person how eco-sustainable production is achieved.


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